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Nemo’s love for the hawaiian tiki design as crossed over throughout his work, but we feel these gloves were the perfect canvas for his Tiki passion. This Long Island sculptor has been behind many of the toy worlds favorite figures, and creates detailed sculptures that capture a life like nature.  These tropical mitts were wonderful addition to the NYC showcase, and it was a highlight of the night. The detail and care that went into creating these is well noted, and does not go unnotice

Proceeds of the final sale will be given to help Hoods To Woods Foundation, which takes kids out of Brooklyn to the mountains to learn and grow. The organization works with youth through outdoor activities, such as snowboarding and rock climbing, to promote bettering their lives and their communities. We are proud to have worked closely with the foundation to produce this showcase.

These are unique hand painted boxing gloves, there will be unique fading, texture, and color. Each is a piece of art that comes with the qualities that are inherent with the medium. 


*Disclaimer* Please do not use these gloves to train in or punch things.