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MCA, in 1991, annoyed & inspired by the demonizing mug-shot of Paul Reubens, felt compelled to transform the image in a way that reflected the public’s absurd desire to crucify his long-time hero (Pee Wee Herman). By adding devil horns to the playhouse master’s head and inscribing the word ‘evil’ underneath, Evil Design was born. Since then he has been spreading the message of Evil (whether it be through toys, t-shirts, zines, stickers, etc.) to kids all over the world. Do you have an Evil Ape on your shelf watching you right now? Don't be afraid, he is your friend...

These are unique hand painted boxing gloves, there will be unique fading, texture, and color. Each is a piece of art that comes with the qualities that are inherent with the medium. 

*Disclaimer* Please do not use these gloves to train in or punch things.