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John Spanky Stokes

$400.00 USD

Spanky runs the infamous toy blog and is a genuinely nice guy who can talk to you in depth on subjects ranging from toys to how to build a long lasting fire. His art work is influenced by nature, mainly the animalistic side of the outdoors. These gloves come with a unique look and feel. Titled “The French Kiss” you can see the passion that is rising between these lively weapons. Spanky’s take on boxing gloves is a unique view into a magical world where animals and gloves combine to scare the crap out of you. We really love these gloves!

These are unique hand painted boxing gloves, there will be unique fading, texture, and color. Each is a piece of art that comes with the qualities that are inherent with the medium. 
*Disclaimer* Please do not use these gloves to train in or punch things.