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An East Bay, CA, horror toy sculptor combining love of classic horror films and comics with a slash of twisted humor. Working with toys, apparel and sculpting Jay222 is a sought after designer who can bring a twisted creation to life. For his gloves he toned down the twisted and busted through the with a statuesque piece of art. These gloves are a solid statue that could fit in a library filled leather and mahog

Proceeds of the final sale will be given to help Hoods To Woods Foundation, which takes kids out of Brooklyn to the mountains to learn and grow. The organization works with youth through outdoor activities, such as snowboarding and rock climbing, to promote bettering their lives and their communities. We are proud to have worked closely with the foundation to produce this showcase.

These are unique hand painted boxing gloves, there will be unique fading, texture, and color. Each is a piece of art that comes with the qualities that are inherent with the medium. Please do not use these gloves to train in, or punch things, unless you do not care about keeping them as a piece of art.